Top Tips For Winter Lawn Care

Men mowing lawn in winter

As the foundation for the rest of our homes and garden, our lawns need to be cared for all year long. However, many gardeners seem to neglect their yards during the colder months as they think there’s not much point tending to them when the conditions are so harsh.

For the healthiest lawn possible, though, winter should be just as important a time as the other seasons when it comes to maintaining and caring for your lawns.

Winter Lawn Care

Whether it’s working on your tools or preparing your lawns for the favorable warmer climates, there is still plenty to be done for the gardener during winter. Even when you think there’s no point as it’s been snowing for weeks or months, this is when your garden might need you most.

Thankfully, there are a few simple ways you can tend to your lawns and garden during winter so that there’s less work to be done when spring rolls around. Here are just a few things that you might want to focus on as the temperature drops to ensure the hard work you put in during the rest of the year doesn’t go to waste.

Mowing During Winter

Just because there might be more snow or rain around, it doesn’t mean you should avoid the mowing altogether. During winter, the best way to stay on top of grass is to aim for a mow every four weeks and try not to cut it too low. As we’re trying to create as little stress as possible for our lawns, we want to keep the roots as healthy as possible by not cutting into them too deep.

Mowing During Winter

Don’t be alarmed by the color of your lawns during winter, as they’re bound to lose a bit of their brightness. This doesn’t mean you should avoid mowing though, as it’s still vital to maintaining their health.

According to Better Homes and Gardens, do your preparation during fall by cutting your lawns a little shorter so that they’re less likely to mat down under all of the snow that will come in winter.

Aerate The Lawn And Keep It Moisturized

Just as you take extra special care of your skin during winter, so too must you take care of the lawns during the colder months. Even though it might be snowing, you need to ensure your grass is moisturized constantly and never left to dry out in the cold air. Otherwise, you’ll have to start from scratch when it heats up and grow your grass all over again.

Keep lawn moisturized.

During winter, it can be hard for the grass to get the things it needs, so it’s essential to aerate your lawn regularly. Whether you rent an aerator or own one yourself, this simple job can help to open up holes in the grass and when you use cool season grass seeds to help it grow you’ll be ensuring that it doesn’t die out over winter.

The Best Winter Fertilizer

It might sound like a bit of a pointless task, but every good gardener knows just important it is to fertilize your lawns during winter. Just because conditions aren’t their best, it doesn’t mean to ignore your lawn altogether, and in actual fact, this is when it needs the extra love and support most.

Choosing a winter fertilizer requires a bit of a different thought process when compared to other seasons, as the needs of your grass are unique. You need to purchase fertilizers made specifically for winter, or if you can’t find these then look for one with a high content of iron.

Winter Fertilizer.

Iron will help strengthen the grass and can even assist it in keeping the bright green color, so it’s a must have ingredient when looking for fertilizers.

Another bonus that comes with fertilizing during winter is that you prevent the build up of snow mold. Snow mold diseases occur when the snow begins to turn into water and mats down the grass, and it’s quite hard to recover from once the damage is done.

For this reason, it’s essential to apply at least one coat of a winter specific fertilizer to prevent this disease.

Preparing Your Tools During Winter

When there’s less work to be done in the garden, this means you can devote more time to your tools. Ensuring that all of your gardening accessories, power tools, and heavy duty machines are runnings their best so they can serve you and your garden well once it starts to warm up again.

As the biggest tool, and one requiring the most maintenance, you should focus your attention to the mower. Ensure that the blades have been sharpened or replaced as required, change the fuel within as it can do harm to the engine to be left sitting, and change the oil and replace filters.

Preparing Your Tools During Winter

These jobs should be done each winter as a rule, and anytime during the year that it’s deemed necessary.

Other smaller items such as lawn edgers and trimmers should be checked too, and any changes to the cutting line, blades, or small parts should be addressed. When you have the spare time to get these jobs done during winter, it means you don’t need to give them a second thought through the other seasons.

Lawn And Garden Care All Year Round

In most parts of America, lawn grass will go dormant during the colder months of winter, however, it doesn’t mean they should be neglected. As you can see, there is still plenty to do during winter to ensure your grass stays fresh and healthy throughout the rest of the year.

Even if the grass doesn’t grow during these snowy conditions, there are many ways to can keep your garden alive and ready to spring back into action once winter is through.

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