The Top 5 Most Beautiful Lawns In The US

Famous lawns in the US.

There are some things that spring to mind when you think of the American lifestyle, and a luscious green lawn has to be one of them. Our lawns are a matter of national pride, and it’s where we enjoy family, barbecues, activities, and relaxation, all of which are a huge part of our culture.

However, there are some lawns in this country worth a special mention and we’ve narrowed them down to the top five around.

Biltmore Estate

It’s no surprise that one of the most famous families in American history also has one of the best lawns on offer, and the Vanderbilt’s have certainly impressed with the gardens at Biltmore Estate.

Biltmore Estate lawn.

These lawns are made up of 90 percent tall fescue to give them a thick and luscious dark green hue, and it takes two gardeners each two hours to mow using ride on devices. The noteworthy lines in the grass have been placed in conjunction with visual aspects of the Biltmore mansion and make the entire area look extremely elegant.

The White House

As the most famous house in the country, it’s no wonder that the White House also has some of the most famous lawns too.

The White House lawn.

The US National Park Service is responsible for maintaining this amazing lawn and the gardens surrounding it, and it’s the setting for such popular historic activities such as the Easter Egg Roll.

Central Park Sheep Meadow

It’s hard to pick just one part of Central Park that would have the most beautiful lawn, but we’ve settled on Sheep Meadow. Every day, thousands flock to this area to enjoy the vast stretches of lawn and picturesque surrounds and it’s no wonder that this makes up one of the most loved gardens in the entire world.

Central Park Sheep Meadow

With 15 acres of emerald green grass, it got its name from housing a herd of sheep from the 1800s to the 1900s but today hosts mainly human guests.

Smithsonian Castle

As a part of the public Enid A. Haupt Garden in Washington, the lawns surrounding the Smithsonian Castle are a wonder to behold. As you walk along the lawns, you’ll be standing on top of the museum rooftops which makes them even more fascinating.

Smithsonian Castle lawn.

The key to this lawn’s lusciousness is with a reduced level of watering which the irrigation engineer claims is the secret to its success.

Bloedel Reserve

This famous Washington landmark is known as one of the most pristine stretches of lawn in the country. What makes it even better, is that no herbicides are used anywhere on the estate and all weeds are removed by hand by the staff.

Bloedel Reserve

With 150 acres of forest within, the lawns are the most crucial as they attract thousands of visitor each month to enjoy.

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