6 Tips For Lawn Mower Maintenance

Lawn Mower Maintenance

As the most trusted gardening tool we have, it pays to take care of our lawnmowers with the love and attention they deserve.

Not only are these devices expensive, but they’re the most important investment we can make for our gardens so we need to maintain them well.

Man using a lawn mower.

If you’re not mechanically minded, though, or don’t know the first thing about power tool maintenance, you might be at a loss as to where you should start. Here are some simple tips to follow to keep your lawnmower motoring along, so it gives you years of good use.

Read The Owner's Manual

This one might seem like a given, but every lawn mower will come with a manual that’s specifically written for you to get the best use out of it. Study this manual when it arrives so you know the ins and outs on how to start it, clean it, and repair it.

Clean Your Mower

We’re often worried about the motor and other sharp parts, but the undercarriage of a mower is extremely important to focus on. After each use, wash down the undercarriage and remove the clippings to ensure that you prevent the spread of lawn diseases and keep debris out of the working parts.

Cleaning the lawn mower.

Sharpen The Blade

When you think about how much stress a lawnmower blade goes through, you’ll understand why it’s important to keep them sharp. Using a metal file and a vice, you can sharpen these yourself every few months to ensure they give the very best cut. Otherwise, have them sharpened during a service if you don’t want to bother with it yourself.

Drain The Gasoline

After every mowing season, you should drain the gasoline from the tank to prevent it from doing damage. One of the key reasons why a motor won’t start is due to old gasoline, and it’s especially important to start with fresh gasoline at the beginning of the mowing season.

Check The Oil

Just as important as the gas is the oil, and you should always keep a watchful eye on it.

Check oil regularly for dark colors or floating debris and clean it out as necessary.

Don’t let the levels fall below the recommended line, and change the oil when you think it’s dirty or in need of a top off.

Checking the oil in your lawn mower.

Ask The Professionals

Just as you’d take your car for a regular service, so too should you do this for your lawnmower. Your lawn mower repair shop will be able to check and replace oil, sharpen your blades, give the engine a tune up, and replace the air filter.

A small cost now means you save from further damage and replacement costs down the line, so it shouldn’t be avoided.

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