Your Guide To Lawn Fertilization

Fertilizing Your Lawn

When you think of your lawns and gardens, it’s best to imagine them as a living and breathing thing. All living things need the essentials to survive, and although we might water them and give them hydration, it’s also essential to feed them as well. This is where fertilizing your lawn comes in handy, and it’s best to imagine it as food for grass that helps them to grow.

If you feed your lawns the right fertilizer they’ll reward you with phenomenal growth, but it’s a matter of timing it correctly and choosing the right food. Either liquid or dry fertilizers will be best, but you should choose one that matches your surroundings and climate too. With the right choice and expert timing, your lawn will thank you for it.

The Benefits Of Fertilizing Your Lawn

Regular fertilizing of your lawn at the appropriate times is one of the simplest things you can do to ensure good grass health, but there are also plenty of other ways your gardens and lawns can benefit from this simple task.

Fertilizing Your Lawn

Soft Lawn

Anyone who spends time barefoot on their grass will understand how important it is to have soft ground to enjoy, and fertilizing is the easiest way to get it comfortably luscious.

Less Weeds

When you treat your lawn with fertilizer it’s able to grow well enough that it can keep the growth of weeds out, meaning less work for you when it comes time to remove them.

Stronger Grass

The biggest benefit to fertilizing your lawn is that you’re giving them the right nutrients to be strong and healthy.

When To Fertilize Your Lawn

Depending on the area you live in and the type of grass you have, there’s some general guidelines about when you should fertilize. According to Better Homes and Gardens, cool season grasses should be done in spring and fall but warm-season grasses such as Bermuda should be fertilized in summer and late spring.

If you’re using a slow release fertilizer, you can do this every eight weeks or so for the best results. You’ll need to carefully map out the area you intend to target so you can apply the correct amount of fertilizer in each spot and have an even application.

Fertilizing Your Lawn closeup

Follow the instructions on your fertilizer carefully to ensure you’re applying correctly, and always choose the right numbers to meet your grass type.

The Importance Of Taking Care Of Our Lawns

While we often neglect to fertilize our lawns and instead provide just water for them, there are so many benefits to having a good fertilizing plan in place. Not only can it make the roots stronger, but it gives us a softer and more appealing landscape to work with, and it can be a real treat for those who like to venture outdoors barefoot.

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