Fun Garden Ideas To Do At Home

Garden ideas - butterfly feeder.

There’s no rules that say gardening has to be a chore, and especially not when there are so many fun DIY projects that you can enjoy.

These are great for young and old, and can help to entice your children and other family members into the garden so they can experience the glory of Mother Nature for themselves.

Herb Gardens

For a DIY project that gives great results, why not plant a few popular herbs in a smaller garden made of rustic jars. Some common choices for easy to grow herbs are basil, mint, and lavender.

Herb garden in jars,

Use a large mason jar for each herb variety and label them so you know what’s growing inside. As the plants grow and you think of more herbs you might like, you can transfer your herb garden into something bigger and more sustainable.

Fairy Wonderland

For those with kids, or big kids themselves, why not turn some spare garden space into a fairy garden?

There are plenty of options nowadays for purchasing fairy accessories or you can create your own.

Think large mushrooms, hidden doors, and plenty of spots for the fairies to live and hide. You could decorate pots with stones and timber to make a home for the fairies, or use the soil in the garden as a base.

Fairy wonderland.

Succulent Plant Holder

If you’re looking for a way to be artistic in the garden, you can plant a few succulents in a planter box and hang it up as if it were live art. Simply get a wooden planter box and fill it with soil, placing a thick mesh over the top.

Succulent Plant Holder

Place the stem of the succulent through the hole to hold them in place and fill with as many as possible. When done, hang your plant holder up as if it were a picture and enjoy the living art.

Butterfly Feeder

Use a mason jar or tin car to attract butterflies to your garden by soaking a few cotton balls in sugar water and placing them in the bottom of the jar.

Butterfly Feeder

Decorate the jar with a range of fresh flowers and colorful items to entice the butterflies, and hang the jar anywhere you wish. For an added colorful touch, stick some artificial butterflies to the jar to make it even more appealing.

Make Gardening Fun

Whether you're wanting to get some fun out of gardening or pique the interest of your kids and get them out into nature, any of these ideas are a great way to make it happen. With the right activities, you can spend hours in the garden and appreciate all of the gifts that nature has to offer in your own backyard.

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