Black & Decker LST136W Review

Black & Decker LST136W Review

For every home garden and lawn, a string trimmer is the most valuable piece of equipment you can own. It allows you to remove every piece of unwanted weeds in your garden. That's where the Black & Decker LST136W shines at.

Our goal is to help you understand why the Black & Decker LST163W is the best trimmer in the market. The device runs at 6,500 RPM, giving it enough speed to remove tough weeds efficiently. Continue reading to find out why you need to buy this string trimmer today.

Review: Black & Decker LST136W

Technical Specs:

  • 6,500 – 8,500 RPM
  • 40 Volt Battery System
  • Li-Ion Battery
  • Weight: 7.8 lbs
  • 13 Inch Cutting Swath


Electric trimmers usually don't have the required power needed to cut through the grass. Fortunately, the Black & Decker LST136W has an adjustable shaft. This helps adjust the height of the trimmer to your desired level and prevents you from receiving unnecessary back and arm injury.

The LST136W has a rotatable head that allows you to convert the trimmer into an edger. There is a built-in guide that keeps the edging even and straight. And it flips out of the way when the device is in trimming mode. Because of this dual function, it saves you time and saves money from buying multiple tools.

This electric powered trimmer uses a single line. Black & Decker recommends that users use a string that's 0.065 inches in its diameter when you have to replace it. We suggest that you order a spool replacement from Black & Decker's website to fix your trimmer if the spool is damaged.

Consumers also like the device's wide cutting path. For instance, it has a width of 13 inches making it easier for your line to trim more than once. As a result, you reduce the time needed to trim your garden so you can continue enjoying your day instead of spending it in the hot sun.

We also like the device because of its compact size. Weighing at only 7.8 pounds, the device is easy to carry and maneuver around your garden. Due to its small size, users can fully clean their garden within 30 minutes.

Plus, the electric trimmer has a real-time LED system. This feature places it ahead of the competition because it tells users how much power the battery has left when in use. On its highest setting gives you a run time of 30 minutes, on its lowest setting, it will run for an hour.

Black & Decker LST136W Battery and Settings

The only thing consumers griped about this product is its limited battery power. While it can run for an hour, users who have to complete longer projects are forced to buy an extra battery. Get an extra battery if you have a garden that's more than 1 ½ acres.

Mainly, the Black & Decker LST126W is one of the best string trimmers in today's market. It's fast, reliable, and can cut through grass with one simple motion. You can buy this trimmer on Amazon at a price around $200.

Buying Advice

Some buying advice:

Who's Going To Use Your String Trimmer?

Choose a string trimmer that isn't too heavy to carry because you'll be transporting it around your property. Gas powered trimmers are heavier than electric trimmers and weigh about 10 to 14 pounds, but they have more power and grants the user more freedom instead of being tied to a cord.

Black & Decker LST136W Trimming Adult

How Much Maintenance Does The Trimmer Require?

Gas powered trimmers come in two cycle and four cycle models. Two cycle models require you to mix oil and gas and place it in a separate fuel container for the trimmer. Large 4 cycle modes are available and only use gasoline like a lawn mower or a tractor.

Four cycle engines produce more power at lower speeds than two cycle trimmers. They require less maintenance and tend to last longer. If you want a string trimmer that's low maintenance, then you should opt for a four cycle engine.

What's The Size Of Your Yard?

You need to buy a string trimmer that can effectively clear out the weeds in your yard. Get a corded electric trimmer if you have a small lawn or yard and have direct access to an electrical outlet. They're compact and is inexpensive, but your cord length will limit how much and where you'll be able to cut.

If there's no outlet around or your yard is over 100 x 100 feet – the size you'll reach with the extension cord- look for gas powered or battery options. Gas powered trimmers are usually cheaper than battery powered models but require more upkeep.

Battery powered models are quieter, and might be worth the higher price if you need to cut weeds in your property line, where the sound of the gas engine could distract and annoy your neighbors.

Do You Need Additional Tools?

The batteries on most cordless trimmers make them more expensive than gas string trimmers. But if you need a chain saw or a leaf blower, you'll have to take that into consideration.

Since the battery in your string trimmer can be used to power different tools within the same brand, you can spend money on a cordless trimmer and then buy the other tools without a charger or battery at a huge discount.

If you plan on solely using a trimmer, then you should save a few bucks on getting a stand-alone gas model. And don't get split-shaft trimmers, that features a powered base that accepts multiple attachments for cutting hedges or blowing leaves. Studies have shown that you'll get a lot more performance with dedicated string trimmers.

The Verdict

The Black & Decker LST126W is for users who need a mid level string trimmer that gets the job done. It' fast and can be converted into multiple gardening tools. Purchase this string trimmer today if you're serious about giving your garden a makeover and help your plant grow effectively.

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