Best Hedge Trimmer For The Money

Best Hedge Trimmer For The Money

Keeping your lawn looking clean and uniform should not be a difficult task. There is a lot to do to keep your home properly landscaped and quite a few tools that you need to invest in to do so. Luckily, most of these tools have enough durability to last you a good deal of time, so you will not need to keep spending money on them annually.

Some tools used for landscaping can get rather expensive thanks to their motorized nature. Others are little more than rakes or shovels, easily found for a reasonable price. The landscaping tool we will be looking at today is the hedge trimmer, and it is one of the more expensive but also necessary tools you will use to maintain your lawn.

While some hedge trimmers can be found for a relatively low price, they still tend to be a little more pricey than most of the tools you will be using. Furthermore, hedge trimmers with extra features or a more powerful cutting capabilities will typically be priced higher, and they would be worth it since you won't have to work as hard to trim your hedges.

What Is A Hedge Trimmer?

Let's not get ahead of ourselves, however. First, let's go through the basics of what a hedge trimmer is exactly. Hedge trimmers are a piece of landscaping equipment that is used to contour hedges and improve the overall aesthetic of your garden or your front yard.

They can be powered by gasoline or electricity, depending on your preferences and particular needs. We will go into further detail about the advantages and disadvantages of these types later on in the article.

Hedge Trimmer What is it?

Hedge trimmers mostly look like chainsaws, featuring a long extension with a blade that rotates around the periphery. This allows you to safely but quickly cut and trim hedges, so they compliment your garden and do not end up looking like overgrown shrubs.

The point of a hedge trimmer is to replace garden shears essentially. If you have ever had the misfortune of attempting to use shears on several hedges over the course of the day, you will find that it is a mind numbing and thankless task. Hedge trimmers take that task and essentially speed it up by a factor of three if not more.

Types Of Hedge Trimmers

There are two main types of hedge trimmers to choose from, and they both have their advantages and disadvantages. In this section, we will compare and contrast gas hedge trimmers with electric hedge trimmers and give our opinion on the situations in which both are most useful.

Gas Hedge Trimmers

Gas hedge trimmers are the more traditional version of the hedge trimmer, having existed for quite some time due to their good degree of portability mixed with power. As you may have guessed, gas hedge trimmers make use of a small gasoline motor, typically two strokes in nature, to function.

This gives them the advantage of being unrestricted by a cord or cable, giving you a superior degree of mobility over certain electric hedge trimmers. When compared to battery powered hedge trimmers, gas models are superior because they can be instantly refilled with gas and then restarted to continue the landscaping process.

Gas Hedge Trimmers are classic

The best gas powered hedge trimmer will typically be a model which is stronger than what you can find fuelled by an electric motor. This makes them the ideal choice for yards or gardens with a lot to cut down, such as those which are surrounded by a row of hedges that need to be trimmed regularly.

Their superior degree of mobility and the ability to instantly refill them makes them an excellent choice for larger yards, but they also have some disadvantages. Unfortunately, two stroke motors are some of the worst gasoline engines regarding environmental friendliness, with higher carbon emissions per unit of power than most other gasoline motors.

Gasoline powered hedge trimmers also have the disadvantage of being loud, so if you plan to use your hedge trimmer in the morning, it is recommended that you instead opt for an electric model. To conclude, a gas powered hedge trimmer will typically be the best choice you can make if you own a large yard and do not mind increased operating noise.

Electric Hedge Trimmers

The other type of hedge trimmers that we will be looking at is the category of electric hedge trimmers. These tend to function in a few ways, either with a cord, rechargeable batteries or replaceable batteries. We will look at the advantages and disadvantages of these subtypes later on, for now, we will give an overview of electric hedge trimmers in general.

Electric hedge trimmers are by far the more ecologically friendly alternative to gas powered models. This unfortunately also makes them the less effective choice for larger yards due to the need for a longer operating time and more freedom of movement.

What is A Electric Hedge Trimmer

Fortunately, the technology of electric hedge trimmers is advancing at a reasonable rate, and soon they will have entirely surpassed gasoline powered models, making the world a greener place. The lack of two stroke motors also makes these a little more friendly on the ears, but not by a huge amount; hedge trimmers are still loud tools.

Electric hedge trimmers are a good choice for yards which do not feature a large number of hedges or shrubs which will need to be trimmed. Due to their reduced operating time, lack of freedom of movement or need for a recharge, you will find that they work better in smaller areas.

The best electric hedge trimmer can either be battery powered hedge trimmer or a corded hedge trimmer, and there are quite a few differences to take into account. In the coming paragraphs, we will explain the differences and advantages of these two types of landscaping tools.

What To Look For In A Hedge Trimmer

Types Of Electric Hedge Trimmers

When looking for the best hedge trimmer, you will find that you have an option between the best cordless hedge trimmer and the best-wired hedge trimmer. When it comes to cordless hedge trimmers, you have the choice between a model with replaceable batteries or rechargeable batteries. On the other hand, there is only one kind of wired hedge trimmer.

Hedge Trimmers With Replaceable Batteries

These types of hedge trimmers typically feature replaceable batteries, and they are most similar in function to gasoline hedge trimmers. This is due to their cordless manner of operation combined with the ability to instantly replace the batteries and get it back running again, similar to refilling a gas model.

Battery Powered Hedge Trimmer

This makes them ideal for the situations in which you would normally use a gas hedge trimmer with one exception. Battery powered models typically do not feature the same degree of cutting power that you will find in gas models, so they will typically not be as effective when it comes to cutting down larger hedges.

Another aspect of owning hedge trimmers with replaceable batteries is the amount of money you will be spending on upkeep. Hedge trimmers tend to use larger batteries than any old appliance, so you certainly won't be powering them with AAs. The costs of these batteries can rack up, and even surpass the cost of gasoline for gas powered models.

Hedge Trimmers With Rechargeable Batteries

The other type of battery powered hedge trimmer features batteries which may be recharged after use by being plugged in. These models feature all of the advantages of electric hedge trimmers while combining the mobility of a model with replaceable batteries and the monetary savings of a wired model.

Since you will not have to spend money on additional batteries or fuel, these models tend to be the most economical to run in the long term. The advantages regarding environmental friendliness as well as noise reduction are still present in these models, but they also feature their particular disadvantages.

Rechargabe Battery Pack Weed

For example, if your hedge trimmer with rechargeable batteries ends up dying halfway through the job, you will have to wait for it to recharge to finish trimming your hedges. Depending on the time it takes for your hedge trimmer to recharge, your garden can be left looking half finished for quite some time.

There is also the aspect of battery degradation to take into account when opting for a model with rechargeable batteries. After a good deal of use, you will find that the batteries in your hedge trimmer will start to hold less and less of a charge. Some models allow you to replace the battery, but it will have to be ordered from the manufacturer and may be expensive.

Wired Hedge Trimmers

The last type of electric hedge trimmer we will be looking at is the wired variety. Wired hedge trimmers usually have operating costs which are on par with those featuring rechargeable batteries. They will not die halfway through the job, however, as they receive their power from a wall outlet.

Hedge Trimmer with wire

The cord tends to make these types of hedge trimmers less maneuverable than other types, but they get more manageable with a bit of practice. Most of these hedge trimmers tend to feature a safety shield so the cord doesn't end up getting caught up in the blades, but it helps to be more careful when using these models, regardless.


Another aspect to take into account when purchasing your hedge trimmer is the weight. If you are using it for a good deal of time, you will find that a heavy hedge trimmer will make the task much more difficult. Battery powered and gas powered hedge trimmers tend to be heavier than other types.

Weight of hedge trimmer

Blade Length

It helps to account for the blade length of your hedge trimmer before making your purchase as well. A long blade will help you cut large-sized hedges more quickly and easily. It also makes the task less dangerous as you will not have to reach over precariously to cut tall hedges.

Best Electric Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Winner - Black And Decker LHT2436 Cordless Hedge Trimmer


  • Features a rechargeable 40-volt lithium ion battery
  • Features a 24-inch dual action blade for reduced vibration
  • ​Meant to cut branches up to ¾ of an inch thick
  • ​Capable of cutting 6000 square feet per charge
  • ​Battery may be recharged within an hour
  • Features 2400 strokes per minute for faster cutting
Black and Decker LHT2436 Review



This Black and Decker hedge trimmer sets the baseline for what every good hedge trimmer should be able to accomplish. It gives the landscaper a vibration resistant blade coupled with an excellent transmission to provide one of the most reliable cutting actions we have had the pleasure of experiencing.

The battery is another area of this model that we found rather impressive. Being able to trim up to 6000 square feet of hedges per charge is one thing, but the short one hour charging time is the cherry on the icing on the cake. This is an excellent model for those who are disenchanted with battery powered hedge trimmers thanks to the low time of operation.

The blades on this model are particularly impressive, we tested it on several types of shrubbery and hedges, and it managed to cut through even the toughest with ease. Thanks to the dual action blade, you don't have to worry about your hands and forearms going numb after using your hedge cutter for some time.

Runner Up - GreenWorks 22272 G-Max Hedge Trimmer


  • Includes a 40-volt lithium ion battery with charger system
  • Dual action blade is made of steel for optimal resilience
  • Capable of cutting branches up to ⅝ of an inch thick
  • Features a pivoting head with three different positions
  • Includes a four-year product warranty and a two-year battery warranty
  • Battery takes 1 hour to recharge fully and lasts for 50 minutes of operation
GreenWorks Review



In our search for the best hedge trimmer, we found that this GreenWorks hedge trimmer model is an excellent choice for those who prize inter-compatibility in their gardening tools. If you already own some powered landscaping tools from GreenWorks, you will find that this model uses the same type of battery as those.

This means that you can instead make use of GreenWorks' 4AH battery instead, featuring a longer charge period, if you already own it. Beyond the interchangeability of parts, we found that this model had some rather novel features that we didn't find on some of the competition. For example, the pivoting head is an excellent feature to help with those hard to reach spots.

This model is a little less powerful than some of the competition regarding cutting power, but it can still make it through branches which are over half an inch thick. In our testing, we didn't have many issues related to the cutting power. Overall, we enjoyed using this model, as it was quiet, light and didn't vibrate to a huge degree.

Alternative - Dewalt DCHT820P1 Hedge Trimmer


  • Features a 20V battery, compatible with the rest of the 20V MAX line
  • Features a 22-inch laser cut blade
  • Battery has a 5Ah charge capacity
  • Features a 3-year limited warranty with a year of free servicing
  • Lightweight design means a low weight of 7.5 lbs
Dewalt DCHT820P1 Review



This Dewalt hedge trimmer is an excellent option if you already own one of Dewalt's 20V MAX tools. The compatibility of the batteries allows you to save about 60 dollars on the purchase price if you already have one of them. Regardless, this is an excellent product in its right.

This hedge trimmer is one of the more comfortable models that we have had the pleasure of using. Thanks to the low weight of this model, it is easy to use for extended periods of time without getting tired. And it can certainly be used for long periods thanks to the 5Ah 20V MAX battery's long charge time when compared to some of the competition.

The blade is surprisingly vibration free and features a precise, laser cut design. Dewalt is also one of the better manufacturers in regards to customer service, providing a year of free servicing at any one of their 77 service centers around the nation. This hedge trimmer is an excellent choice if you already own a 20V MAX product or if you would like a lightweight model.

Best Electric Corded Hedge Trimmer

Winner - Earthwise CVPH43018 Corded 2-in-1 Hedge Trimmer


  • Functions as both a handheld model and a pole hedge trimmer
  • Features an 18-inch cutting blade for easier handling
  • Features an 11/16 of an inch cutting capacity
  • Cutting angle may be adjusted from 60 degrees to -20 degrees
  • Motor features 4.5 amps worth of cutting power
  • Pole features a max length of 8 feet 8 inches
Earthwise CVPH43018 Review



If you're searching for a more versatile model of a corded hedge trimmer, you will appreciate this model from Earthwise.

It is capable of being used in multiple configurations, both handheld and pole-mounted, making it an excellent choice for those of us with unbearably tall hedges. The pole attachment manages to increase safety and efficiency in equal measure.

The increased versatility is not the only reason to buy this model, however. It also features a good amount of cutting power with its combination of a 4.5 amp wired electric motor and a branch cutting capacity of 11/16 of an inch.

Do not let the slightly short 18-inch blade fool you, as it is meant to increase ease of handling in pole configuration.

One design aspect to take into account is that this model of hedge trimmer's hard to use for lefties due to the manner in which the trigger system is set up. If your dominant hand is your left hand, we would recommend opting for a different model of the hedge trimmer. Overall, we were still rather impressed by this long reach hedge trimmer.

Best Gas Hedge Trimmer

Winner - Tanaka TCH22ECP2 Gas Hedge Trimmer


  • Features 30 inch dual reciprocating cutting blades
  • Features a 21.1cc two cycle engine
  • Rear handle features five adjustable positions for optimal comfort
  • Features a spring mounted anti vibration system to diminish fatigue
  • Features a forward facing exhaust for fewer gas fumes and no burning
  • Gas tank features a capacity of just over 10 ounces
Tanaka Review



If you are looking for the best gas powered hedge trimmer, we would have to say that this model from Tanaka is the most efficient one that we have tried. Thanks to the combination of excellent build quality and intelligent design, this hedge trimmer is a great choice for those of us whose homes have a larger number of hedges.

The cutting speed of this model is quite impressive, outstripping most of the competition which runs using electric motors. The speed is thankfully complemented by an ample gas reserve of 10 ounces. This ensures that you will be able to use your hedge trimmer for a good deal of time before you need to stop and refill.

One of our favorite features included with this model of hedge trimmer was the spring mounted anti vibration system. Due to the combination of the gasoline motor and the reciprocating blades, this system is almost necessary to help dampen most of the vibration and stop your arms from feeling like noodles after a long day of trimming the hedges.


We hope that these reviews have proved comprehensive and helpful. We understand that hedge trimmers are not the easiest garden care products to choose from and we have attempted to focus on the more crucial features. Depending on your needs, you may find yourself opting for a gasoline model or an electric model. If there are any questions, feel free to ask away in the comments section.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, YearRoundLawnCare may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI-prices are accurate, and items in stock as of time of publication.

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