3 Important String Trimmer Safety Tips

3 Important String Trimmer Safety Tips

Every gardener has experienced some sort of injury throughout their careers. However, it doesn't have to be this way. This guide will help you find the best way to utilize your string trimmer without causing self-harm.

Being safe requires a mixture of alertness and physical awareness. For instance, you should always keep the trimmer in front of you and cut at an angle that's away from you. Read this guide so you can prevent any long term injuries while using your trimmer to enhance the appearance of your garden.

Protective Clothing

Always wear protective clothing when planning on using a string trimmer. While it seems uncomfortable to wear long pants during the summer, it's advisable. Remember, your trimmer can pick up rocks and grass and can cause injury to your skin.

Wear Protectie Clothing When using Your String Trimmer

Make sure to wear boots that will protect your feet. Also, invest in a pair of safety goggles or glasses. If your string trimmer is too loud, a pair of ear buds will reduce the sound and protect your ears.


We suggest that you allow your string trimmer to cool down before attempting to refuel it. Adding fuel to warm engines might cause for the trimmer to catch on fire. This occurs because the oil is placed on hot engine parts and causes a dangerous reaction inside the interior of your device.

Let the String Trimmer Cool Down

We suggest that you operate your trimmer with a full tank before working on a garden. If you need to refuel the trimmer while working, stop using the trimmer and work on a different project until it completely cools off.

Cleaning And Storing Your Trimmer

Most trimmer models are very lightweight in size, and can fit inside a pantry or a storage closet. Since the majority of trimmers work with fuel, it's not recommended to store them inside of enclosed areas. If your trimmer uses gas, it needs to be placed in an outdoor ventilated area.

Here are a few additional tips you should follow to keep your trimmer in good condition:

  • Rinse off the string trimmer. Then use a small brush to remove the grass clippings and debris off the device.
  • Your 2 cycle trimmer can be either stored vertically or horizontally for convenience. Make sure that the fuel isn't leaking before storing it.
  • Make sure that you turn the engine completely off. Also, turn the spark plug off before planning on making any repairs to your trimmer.

Closing Thoughts

Remember, your string trimmer is a dangerous power tool. Using it incorrectly can result in damaged skin, broken bones and much more severe injuries.

Clean your String Trimmer

We hope that this guide has helped you take the steps into becoming a more responsible and careful gardener. Following these tips will ensure that you'll be able to clean your garden without hurting yourself in the process.

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